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Kazzy Automates All Dispatching, Assignments, Notifications, Updates, Reviews and Payments For Real Time Appointments, Routing and Delivery Tracking
  • Restaurant
  • Delivery
  • At Home Nursing
  •  Locksmith
  • Courier
Kazzy Enables Companies To Build A Real Time Network That Connects Customers and Contracts Via Mobile App Communication
Payment Integrations
Get Paid Immediately At The End of Each Task, Appointment, or Ride
"I LOVE This Thing. So good."
Bill Newsum
Owner, Non-Emergency Medical Transport of Arlington
Can I Deactivate Reviews?
YES! In your Business Settings, you can scroll down and toggle Customer Reviews "Off"
Can We Have Our Own App?
Yes! Everything is white labeled with your logos and name. You will have your own app in the Apple Store, Google Play store and your own login URL IE
How Does The Tracking Work?
Tracking works the same way as Google maps. You can activate or deactivate tracking at anytime as an admin on the account.
How Do Customers Pay?
With payment integrations, the customer can create a profile and they can connect a payment method that will be billed automatically at the end of each appointment or service according to your specifications.
Can You Track Mileage?
Yes! As an admin you will have access to a Reports tab in your Menu area to view key metrics.
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